Advantages and Disadvantages of Span of Management

In this topic, you will learn about, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Span of Management.

Advantages of Bigger Span of Management:

  1. No direct relationship with the employees and is economical as it reduces the number of levels in the organization.
  2. Due to direct contact, coordination communication is improved.
  3. It offers more opportunities for subordinates’ development.

Advantages of Narrow Span Of Management:

  1. It creates personal contact between managers and subordinates.
  2. It offers tight control and close supervision.
  3. The superior can think of future matters since they are not burdened with a large number of contacts and relationships.
  4. Managerial efficiency is increased.
  5. A narrow Span of management develops good human relations in the organization.

Disadvantages of Narrow Span Of Management:

  1. It creates more levels of management which is expensive as well as time-consuming.
  2. If the span is very narrow the business tends to be heavy. (When the power is concentrated in few hands).
  3. For the success of any business organization, it is very essential that the span of management control is appropriate. The increased number of levels in the organization increases the complexity and problem in coordination among the different members.

Thus, we see that for the success of any business organization both types of the span that is narrow and wide have their own merits and demerits. So, the optimum span of management should be determined according to the nature of the business and considering other factors as well.

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