Characteristics of Management

In this topic, you will learn about, Characteristics of Management.

Characteristics of Management:

  1. Management is universal: Management is required for every type of organisation.E.g. required by school, colleges, industries etc
  2. Management is Goal oriented: Goal-oriented it helps in profit maximisation.
  3. Management is a continuous process: as long as any organisation exists there is a need for efficient and effective management. It should be and changing itself according to.
  4. Management is an integrity process: Management basically integrates all the function, activity, process and operations are intermix among themselves without integration of man-machine and materials and coordination of individual efforts to contribute successfully difficult to achieve without proper coordination or organisation goal.
  5. Management is intangible: In any business organisation, the success or its failure is totally dependent.
  6. Management is multidisciplinary: Here multidisciplinary can be explained as management of an organisation require a wide knowledge of various discipline it covers handling of man-machine materials and looking after various production distribution.
  7. Management is a social process: The most important aspect of management is handling human beings in an organisation who are working in a group. This includes developing and motivating people at work and taking care of their satisfaction as a social being.

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