How To Create a new project in Visual Basic

In this topic, you will learn about, How To Create a new project in Visual Basic and mention the features of Project Windows.

In Visual Basic project represent a collection of FORM where each project specifies a specific task and finds a specific interface. Visual Basic project save with.PRG extension and form save with.FRM extension.

There are various types of project with Visual Basic program like standard .exe project ActiveX, ActivexDLL, OLE .exe, etc .but by default Visual basic create a standard project.

How to create a project in Visual Basic:

i) open VB(visual basic)
start –all programs –visual studio 6.0
ii) choose the type of project

Visual Basic
Eg. Project File

Features of the project window:

  1. The project window displays the name of the project and the number of available forms.
  2. Project window also offers the facility to open specified format two times of coding.
  3. The project window contains the MDI form and it also represents its child form.