Difference between Cellular and wireless transmission network

In this topic, you will learn about, Difference between Cellular and wireless transmission network.

The cellular network is also called guided transmission. It uses both types of channels- wireless and wire-communication. The cellular network generally uses mobile communication or also used for data transmission.

Cellular networks use infrared,radio-wave, or twisted pair cable, co-axial cable, fiber-optics cable. Its also used as a cellular network medium.

Cellular transmission network Wireless transmission network
It is also called a Guided network. It is also called Un- Guided network.
It follows a path or direction. It doesn’t follow a path or direction.
It uses wire for transmission. It provides a signal in the air.
It is safe and secure. It provides un-authorized transmission.
It is expensive. It is less expensive.
It suited for point-to-point networking. It provides a broadcast network.
It passes electronic voltage or current.

Eg:- Twisted pair cable, Co-axial Cable, Fiber optic cable.

It uses electromagnetic wire.

Eg:- Satellite, Light wave, Micro wave, etc.

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