Different types of scheduler

In this topic, you will learn about, Different types of a scheduler.

Scheduler implement scheduling method where OS use various scheduling algorithm where it offers a facility to specify a process or job execution method. Scheduler automatically supported by the Operating System.

Various Types of scheduling algorithm:

  1. FCFS: FCFS stands for first come first serve to schedule .so, in this scheduling technique jobs are executed on first come first serve basis. It is very easy to implement and understand but very poor performance.
  2. RR scheduling: It stands for Round Robbing scheduling. It this scheduling jobs or process provided a fixed time to execute. It uses a switching technique. So, sometimes it increases the waiting time.
  3. SJF: It stands for the Shortest job first. In this scheduling algorithm execute the shortest process first. It is the best process to minimize waiting time. It is very difficult to implement.
  4. PBS: It stands for Priority-based scheduling. In it, we execute the process according to priority. It is the best algorithm to implement with OS but in this algorithm to implement if two or more process specifies with same priority use FCFS.

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