Frame Format of IEEE 802.11

In this topic, you will learn about, Frame Format of IEEE 802.11

Frame Format of IEEE 802.11

  1. Frame Control: It is 2 byte starting field compose of 11 subfields, contain control info of frames.
  2. Duration: 2 byte field, Specify time period for which Frame and its acknowledgement occupy channel.
  3. Address Field: are 3(three) 6 byte address field, contain address of source, immediate destination, and final end points.
  4. Sequence: 2 byte field store frame number.
  5. Data: Variable size field that carry data from upper layers.
  6. Check Sequence: 4 byte field containing error detection information. Maximum size of data field is 2312 Bytes.

Summary of Frame Format

2 Bytes: Frame Control
2 Bytes: Duration
6 Bytes: Address-1
6 Bytes: Address-2
6 Bytes: Address-3
2 Bytes: Sequence
0-2312 Bytes: Data
4 Bytes: Check Sequence

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