Graphics Device Interface (GDI)

In this topic, you will learn about, Graphics Device Interface (GDI).

GID: It stands for Graphics Device Interface. In Visual basic, we can insert given elements like picture, image, shape, or different animations by using various control where these controls represent on Graphics Device Interface (GDI).

Visual Basic Graphics Device Interface control use shape control ,picture control ,animation control [Microsoft common animation],image control ,active X control ,etc.

  • Shape control: It allows us to create a circle, rectangle, polygon, square, triangle, etc. using it we can draw shapes using the mouse.
  • Picture control: It allows to show or display download or shape pictures.
  • Animation control: using it we can play video or audio clips and also play some flash files.
  • Image control: It works the same as picture control and it offers the facility to resize pictures.
  • Active X control: It allows the facility to create user-defined graphics control for shape, picture, or animation.

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