Informal Organisation

In this topic, you will learn about, Informal Organisation.

What is Informal Organisation?

INFORMAL ORGANISATION: For the success of the business organisation the importance of informal organisation cannot be ignored. The informal organisation refers to the relationship between people in the organisation based on personal, attitudes, emotions, prejudices likes and dislikes etc. these relationships are not developed according to the procedures and regulation laid down in the formal organisation structure.

Thus, we see these groups are based on some common taste language culture or other factors. In the informal organisation, these groups are not pre-planned but they develop automatically within the organisation according to the environment.

Informal organisation small groups and these groups can overlap because a person may be a member of several different informal organisations.

Another feature of informal organisation is that many times many organisational problems or even individual get solved in this informal organisation. (Without approaching the top level Management).


  • The informal organisation put rain strain to change the confront with the administration and follow the old policies.
  • They put resistant in the working style of management.
  • The communication in an informal organisation is very fast, less time consuming and it sometimes creates even rumours and may prove dangerous for the organisation.
  • The manager should not look down upon the informal organisation as it arises spontaneously along with the formal organisation and fills in some of the vital gaps in a business organisation

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