Java Environment

In this topic, you will learn about, Java Environment.

Java environment includes a large number of development tools and many classes and methods. The development tools are part of the system known as Java Development Kit(JDK) and classes and methods are part of the Java Standard Library(JSL), also known as Application Programming Interface(API).

Java Development Kit (JDK):

It is a collection of tools that are used to develop and run a java program. They are following.

  • applet viewer: It is used to tun the applets program.
  • javac: It is a Java compiler. It is used to convert the java program into BYTECODE.
  • java: It is Java Interpreter. It is used to run applet and application by reading and interpreting BYTECODE files.
  • javap: It is a Java disassembler. It is used to convert the BYTECODE file into a program description.
  • javah: It is used to produces C header files and C source files from a Java class. These files provide the connective glue that allows your Java and C code to interact.
  • Javadocs: It is used to creating HTML format documents for java source code files.
  • Jbd– It is a Java debugger. It helps to find the error in the java program.

Process of Building and Running Java Programs

Application Programming Interface (API):

Java Stander Library(JSL) or API includes many classes and methods grouped into several functional packages.

We can group these packages into two groups.

  1. Packages for a stand-alone application program.
  2. Packages for network program.

Packages for stand-alone application program:

  • Language Support Package(java.lang)- It is used to implement basic features of JAVA. Java compiler imports package internally by default.
  • Utility Package(java.util)-It is used to implement utility functions such as data and time.
  • Input/Output Package( It is used to do input-output manipulation.
Packages for network program:
  • Network Package( It is used to communicate with another computer via the Internet.
  • AWT Package(java.awt)-It is used to implement Platform independent Graphical User Interface.
  • Applet Package(java.applet)- It is used to create a Java applet.

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