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LogMeIn123 com remote support (aka LMI 123) is an effective and secure method to obtain Technical Support directly on your computer, at any place with a good Internet connection. LogMeIn123 lets your IT Support Technician to access your computer remotely, leaping immediately into your desktop, to fix your problem.

Is LogMeIn123 rescue safe?

logmein123.com Rescue is a technology that LTS support personnel use to access distant PCs and mobile devices. logmein123.com Rescue is safe and secure. All communication between the client and the technician is SSL-encrypted.

Is LogMeIn123 secure?

LogMeIn hosts keep a permanent connection with a LogMeIn server. This connection is protected using SSL/TLS. The LogMeIn server’s identity is validated using its PKI certificate. The host’s identity is validated based on a pre-assigned identification and a pre-shared secret.

Who is www.logmein123.com remote support?

www.logmein123.com Rescue is a remote help software solution utilised by tens of thousands of respectable organisations, including 50 of the world’s major telecom firms. Use of this programme or any of our goods for malicious or unlawful purposes violates our agreements and is instant grounds for account cancellation.

How do I log onto another computer?

Connect remotely to another machine on the network

  1. Click the search bar on the taskbar.
  2. Type remote desktop.
  3. Click Remote Desktop Connection.
  4. In the Remote Desktop Connection box, input the IP address or the name of the Windows device that you wish to connect to; then click Connect.


Frequently Asked Questions About

What is www logmein123 com login?

www.logmein123.com login is an official login page/portal created for you to effortlessly manage your account and it’s data. Here you can simply make adjustments to your account as well as share the newest information on your wall.

logmein123.com no longer free?


Sad news: www.logmein123.com remote support Free is no longer. The next time you enter into your LogMeIn Free account, you’ll have only 7 more days to utilise it. After that, plan on paying for a subscription.

Can you obtain a virus using LogMeIn?

The only way you can spread a virus during a GoToMyPC session, is if you utilise the Files Transfer tool to transfer an infected file from one machine to another. A virus cannot be transferred by merely utilising GoToMyPC to connect to or from a computer.


How can I get rid of logmein 123 rescue?

Go to Tools. Choose Add-ons. Select the Extensions tab. Uninstall the logmein 123 Rescue Technician Console.


Is LogMeIn a malware?

logmein 123 is a valid remote access technology used to operate PCs and other devices remotely. This false ‘service pack’ produced “notable volumes of ‘unusual’ DNS requests,” according to the researchers and following further analysis, it was revealed that the bogus LogMein system was really PoS malware.

What is Shop For Tool?

Shop For Utility stands as a distinctive basic web-based tool. It assists you in making your login procedure much more easy and pleasant. Shop For Tool may also be stated to be a Digital Search Engine for logging in.