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EZ Drive MA service lets vehicles to travel freely past Massachusetts tolling points without a decrease in speeds making life simpler for drivers in the Bay State. Here we will speak about PayByPlateMA, EZ Pass MA Login and pay online.

Massachusetts’ completely electronic tolling scheme operates without toll booths. A Microsoft Translator tool is used to make the app work, and it needs Adobe Reader to open some documents.It is an all-electronic tolling system for the Massachusetts Turnpike as well as all of the Boston tunnels and the Tobin Memorial Bridge. Now let’s go to for extra assistance.

Paybyplatema Account or Payment Options

If you want to learn more about pay, you can go to www.paybyplatema and look at the photos and videos of the licence plates of the cars.

The www.paybyplatema system is for passengers who reside outside the state of Massachusetts and also in the state of Massachusetts.

You must connect your credit card or debit card, your bank account information, and your bank routing number to in order to pay for something on the site.

If you don’t have a payment form, don’t open or go to to make a payment.

If you are a senior citizen of over 65 years of aged, then you have an alternative to pay the bill if you do not understand or wish to utilise the pay method. It will be simpler if you send the letter using US Mail services straight to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – EZ Drive MA PaymentProcessing Center.

What is or E-ZPass – Online? is an automated parking system that aids customers with the electronic collection of tolls and achieves by utilising photographs of licence plates for automobiles and only applies to Massachusetts roadways that contain tolls. In contrast to before we had to go to stand in queues for mass tolls, paying by plate might make life simpler since even if you’re not using the Pay by plate ma account. Paybyplatema’s online service will alert you through the postal address of your paybyplayema charge.

Paybyplayematechnology Paybyplayema technology helps the lives of individuals who would want to travel and does not bother about toll booths and enormous toll payments.

With available, the riders may enjoy their travel with ease. online is the electronic tolling system in Massachusetts. With E-ZPass and PayByPlate, passengers can pay their tolls and levies fast.

Paybyplatema Payment Login

Pay by plate ma Registration Process

To finish the registration process, follow the steps that are below.

1: Open browser any of your devices and enter

2: You will be on the official website of EZDriveMA.

3: Right there you will have to scroll down and find “Your Pay By Plate MA Registered account’

4: In that part, you will find a headline reading “Log in to your pay by plate ma registered account”

5: Click on it to go on the login page.

6: On the login screen you will have to locate “First time Logging in”

7: A new tab will appear. At that point, you’ll be asked to fill in your information.

8: That information includes your account number, PIN, Username, establish a password, and then lastly confirm your password.

9: After that, you need to touch on the “Confirm Button”.

Your account has been created. We encouraged you to remember these credentials you have just entered in or you may write them someplace. Because you will require those ID and Password, anytime you attempt to log in again.

Log in to Mass pay by plate Account

  1. Here is how to log into your PaybyPlateMa account.
  2. Go to EZDriveMa official website.
  3. Click “Pay by Plate Ma”.
  4. Click login to your mass pay by plate Registered Account.
  5. Select your “Login Type” (Account number or Email address on file) (Account number or Email address on file).
  6. Enter your account number or Email address.
  7. Type your password.
  8. Click “Login”.
  9. You will be taken to your mass pay by plate registered account, which has the information you sent in, when you get there.

How to Reset your Paybyplatema Account Password:-

  • Firstly, visit the official homepage of Paybyplatema.
  • Then, proceed to the password reset page.
  • Now, you have to input your name, email id, and your account username to locate your account.
  • After entering your data, click on “search”.
  • Then, look at the email address that is linked to your account. You will get a message asking you to change your password, and you can do that now. Click on it to go on.
  • Now, enter your new password and save it. And that’s all your password has been reset successfully.

Below Are The Login Features That You Can Avail

  • Take a peek at the excellent features of our Pay By Plate MA registration service for state drivers.
  • The toll is relatively straightforward for a local who registers here.
  • Because you can rapidly pay your toll after entering your login account, you save a lot of time and energy for the user.
  • The connection gateway operates on the premise of capturing images and videos.
  • The excellent grade of the encryption makes it simple for consumers to log in and make their toll payments.
  • E-ZPass MA is the simplest option for Massachusetts vehicles to pay tolls. The toll can be paid quickly with a credit or debit card and a mobile phone. The official website handles this payment gateway and enables consumers to finish their payment procedure online.
  • After an online payment with PaybyPlateMa, the service also delivers an electronic invoice. Registration on this portal is absolutely free for all users. You may top up your PaybyPlateMa account with a set amount and validate it at any moment after signing in.


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