Relation between HTML and Applet

In this topic, you will learn about, What is the relation between HTML and Applet?

An applet is a web development tool that allows running on a browser but an applet cannot
run directly on a browser. It uses HTML tag for relation (<APPLET>).applet creates web area where to specify applet area use height and width property.

Eg:<APPLET CODE =’’ My app class ’’

Applet also offers facility to send argument for java applet code from HTML tag using PARAM tag.where java use get parameter method.

Eg: To send an argument for java.

<applet code =’’ my app.class’’
PARAM value =’’hello!’’

String str =get parameter(’’string ’’);
g.drawstring(str 10,10);

Applet also offers the facility to set alignment for applet frame and its also use various formatting tag for applet element.

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