System Design Description

In this topic, you will learn about, System Design Description.

The SDD gives a complete understanding of the details of each component of the system and its associated algorithm. It is also an important source of information for system verification and testing. In SDD all the requirements are specified as of how the requirements are to be implemented. It consists of the final steps of describing the system in details before coding starts.

There are various tools that can be used for describing the design of the system. Some of them are:

  1. Data dictionary: in a data dictionary, we define all the data and control elements used in the software product. Complete definition by each data item and its synonyms are included. It contains data about the data known as metadata.
  2. Database Schema: Database schema is a graphical presentation of the whole database.
  3. E-R Model: it is a database analysis and design to and it defines the relationship between all the entities that are mapped in the documentation.

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