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Www.Healthproductscard.Com – UnitedHealthcare has been in the business of providing customers with a selection of different health plans since 1977. Today, several of these plans include a Health Product Card or other benefit benefit scheme as part of their offerings. It gives members the ability to buy over-the-counter medical goods at NO extra cost to themselves. The organisation relies on FirstLine Medical as its go-to source for any and all things that may be ordered. Members of every health plan that includes this benefit are given the chance to shop for over-the-counter medicines and wellness items either online or through a printed catalogue.

Additionally, in your neighbourhood Walgreens, you may purchase products such as vitamins and nutritional supplements.

  • Products for use in First Aid
  • Items pertaining to baby care
  • Medications and goods for digestive health
  • Products that alleviate and treat pain
  • remedies for the common cold
  • Products for those who have allergies
  • Products for the care of the eyes and more!

Www.Healthproductscard.Com Login Steps:

  1. Please navigate your computer browser to the following address, www.healthproductscard.com:
  2. Simply find the “Login” button on the left side of the page, and then look for the link that says “Register.”
  3. Continue to submit all of the necessary information precisely as it appears on your health plan card, such as the following:
  4. Member ID Zip Code
  5. Email Address
  6. You have the option of remaining opted in or opting out; if you do not opt in and choose to opt out, FirstLine Medical will not communicate with you through email regarding your Health Products Benefit Card. Email
  7. communication on the status of your order will continue to be sent to you.
  8. Next, you will need to think up a username and a password, then enter that information into the appropriate areas.
  9. You will need to decide which of the security questions you wish to utilise and then submit answers in the spaces that are supplied.
  10. Simply hit the “Register” button to get started.
  11. Be certain that you get a confirmation of your registration, or that you are able to log in to your new online account for the UHC Health Products Benefit Card and manage it there.

Www.Healthproductscard.Com - Health Products Benefit Card

Www.Healthproductscard.Com Login Steps For Existing Member:

  1. Visit http://www.healthproductscard.com
  2. In the fields that are provided, please type in your existing Card ID and Password.
  3. To log in, click the icon that says “Login.”
  4. Review both your service plan and your personal details, and get in touch with customer support if you see any errors.

Www.Healthproductscard.Com – FAQ

What is FirstLine Benefits?

A broad range of medical coverage is available through the company known as FirstLine Benefit. Also provides items that are available without a prescription.

What are the steps I need to take to place an order with United Healthcare?

Members have the option of ordering online or through the mail. You will need to call in your order if you want to have your purchase delivered by mail.

What exactly are the important over-the-counter products?
With an OTC card, you are able to make purchases from OTC Essentials for a variety of health and wellness items.

Does United Healthcare provide coverage for over-the-counter medications?
Only a few of their programmes offer over-the-counter (OTC) advantages to its subscribers. In most cases, a Medicare Advantage plan will be the option.